Shopping Trip and Cake Treat At John Lewis

We took a shopping trip to Stratford CityIn East London, so we had to pop into John Lewis for a coffee and of course a slice of cake, I'll be totally honest I love John Lewis as they offer a loyalty card to its member which entitles you to points, treats and rewards such as hot drink and cake, vouchers, and exclusive shopping events.

I really like John Lewis loyalty system and every now and then you get sent a voucher that entitles you to a free hot drink and Cake. I headed into the store, I have been many times to the eatery and generally it quite busy, as it was mid-afternoon it was reasonably busy with a few shoppers and workers on their lunch breaks.

Atmosphere: quiet and relaxed
Cake: there were a few choices from cupcakes to pastries, myself and my husband opted for two completely different cakes Strawberry and Rasberry iced cake and a chocolate fudge cake for the purpose of sharing.

Taste: Chocolate Fudge Cake: moist and fresh, the sponge was very soft which showed the cake was relatively freshly, I'm not sure if the cakes are baked on premises or ordered in (something to look into for the future I guess)  but never the less this cake was delicious, it had a fair amount if fudge icings which was scrumptious, the sweetness was just right and went down a treat with my latte.

Strawberry & Raspberry Iced sponge: now I lived the look of this cake, the lady in the cafe told me that it has a raspberry filling, on top of the icing was a few dried strawberries and raspberries to decorate, but was slightly disappointed with this cake, it was quite firm, almost hardish the cake had dried out, it may have been because it was a hot day and the cakes were but into individual squares, I loved the flavour combo and would like to try this when is fresh.
Cost: It was Free
Will I come again: Most defiantly we basically got a free cake and hot drink for £6 instead so that just £3 per head for us both instead of £12,  so that voucher made all the difference and the loyalty reward scheme that John Lewis offers will defiantly keep me coming back.